Essentials Team

WSWayne Seymore

Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher

Coach Seymore was born and raised in New York City and has lived in both Harlem and the South Bronx. In 2005 he graduated from Lehman College with his bachelor’ Degree in recreation education in middle and high school. He has been working in the school system as a basketball coach and teacher since 2008. He enjoys playing and watching sports, and has a great passion for fitness.  Coach Seymore strives to be the best at his craft and to be a positive role model for the youth in the inner-city.




YCYasmar Cruz

Dance Teacher 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Yasmar began her artistic training early in life in her hometown, which led her to participate at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City while she was in middle school. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, with a degree in Performing Arts and Public Relations. She attended Florida International University in Miami, where she trained in a variety of dance styles and became a member of Delou African Dance Ensemble. In Miami, she had the opportunity to perform with renowned artists and choreographers, such as Janis Brener, on various musical productions. After living in Florida, Yasmar returned to Puerto Rico and founded Danzartes, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to promoting Puerto Rican and Afro-Caribbean dance and culture. She moved to New York City in 2011 and became the Cultural Dance Program coordinator for the Brooklyn Music School. Besides dancing, Yasmar explores other arts such as acting, creative writing, production and singing. She has written and directed various theater plays including “I Love Salsa” The Musical and “El Espejo” which have been presented at Theater Festivals such as New York Frenzy, Festival de Teatro de Otono (Cuba) and Festival Casa Navarrette (Dominican Republic). In Cuba, she trained with companies such as Ballet Folklorico de Oriente, Teatro de la Danza del Caribe y Ballet Folklorico Kutumba. Her first book “Rios de Sol” (Sun Rivers) was published in New York by La Ovejita de Papel. and was presented at the International Writers Festival Florez Junto al Mar in Barranquilla, Colombia.


RCRaldane Cunningham

Physical Education Teacher

Coach Cunningham PE/Health teacher and Soccer/Track Coach was born in Jamaica W.I. He migrated to the USA at age 16. After completing high school he attended New York City Technical College where he studied Architecture. During college, he worked as a personal trainer/Group Fitness Instructor. Months after graduating he realized that his love for fitness exceeds working as an architect, he continued working as a trainer. To improve his knowledge in fitness he pursued a degree in Exercise Science at Brooklyn College. Upon completing his matriculated studies, he realized that inner-city youths are in need of proper health and fitness programs. He worked in after school enrichment programs for a few years until he became a PE/health teacher. His dream is to teach inner-city youths the importance of health and fitness.


FHFrankie Haggerty

Music Teacher

Mr. Haggerty was born in Long Island, New York, and grew up in Valley Stream. Shout out to Green Acres Mall! His father started his own DJ company while Mr. Haggerty was very young. He started working for the company at the age of 8 and became a seasoned professional at the age of 16. While becoming a DJ extraordinaire, he practiced his mastery of the trombone and music theory. Mr. Haggerty's musicality was woven together while studying Music Production and Music Anthropology at New York University (NYU). He has produced various genres of music including hip hop, EDM, pop, etc. He has performed all over the east coast and was featured in Miami Music Week's Moombahton festival.


AIAli Irizarry

Art Teacher

Ms. Irizarry grew up in Puerto Rico and Spain within a family of visual artists. She has a bachelors degree in Humanities / Studio Arts from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Masters of Fine Arts from CUNY’s Lehman College. There she was a professor for the Continuing Education Department and the teaching artist of the Lehman College Art Gallery, where she worked with school students to create public artworks throughout The Bronx. Ms. Irizarry has extensive experience teaching art to students ages 3-99, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, computer art, among many others. She has created individualized Visual Art programs and curriculums for schools through several non-profit organizations. As a professional working visual artist, Ms. Irizarry has shown her work in multiple solo and group art exhibitions, she has curated themed gallery group shows and worked as the Art Director to a graphic design agency for many years. She is very active in the local Brooklyn/Queens arts scene, and has created several public art pieces around the neighborhood. Ms. Irizarry enjoys the beach, rollerblading and dancing, has two college-age children and an excessively smothering sweet black cat called Lluvia.


GSGeorge Scott

Physical Education Teacher

At age five George Scott wanted to be Batman. The cool car and the gadgets were the appeal, and “beating up bad guys” was the motivation. At age 10 he still wanted to be Batman, but now it was about saving the world. He began to see that not everyone was safe or happy, and were often times dealing with situations that made life unfair. By the time he hit 20 he realized the Batman thing wasn’t going to work out. Logistically speaking he didn’t have billions of dollars, martial arts training, and regrettably was only 5'11'', and kind of skinny. George was however able to reevaluate the appeal to being Batman. It was no longer about the cool costume, or beating up bad guys. It was about the indomitable will to save the world. It was about setting a good example for others to follow to ensure that the future was in good hands. So George did the next best thing. He decided to become a teacher. In an attempt to fund his masters and teacher’s certification he entered into the Non-profit field, with the hope that even while he’s saving up he can still do what he can to make the world a better place for children. He has worked in many roles as a child care giver and supervisor. He has served a 10-month term of service with AmeriCorps through the NYC Civic Corps. He believes that civic engagement is something that we should pass on to the youth. After a year as a corps member for Teach For America George moved on to other opportunities in Education. During a year working at a charter school in the Bronx, George attended multiple P.D. sessions relating to P.E. and Recess time. Through this thoughtful and hands on work he found his passion for Phys. Education. Currently George is pursuing a Masters in Physical Education, and has just joined MESA Charter School as a 9th Grade P.E. teacher. Here he hopes to spread his passion for sports and fitness as both a classroom instructor and a coach. He may not be Batman, but he hopes to one day be someone’s hero…