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What Makes Us Special

Everyone Is College Bound!

  • In most high schools, students don’t begin thinking about college until 11th or 12th grade. At MESA, all students take a College Bound course that begins on the first day of freshman year!


Math and Science Are Exciting! 

  • In addition to their regular classes, all MESA students take “STEM Block,” project-based courses where they learn math and science in a hands-on way. Imagine walking in the first day of class, and find a body facing down. Students are only given clues about what happened, and it is up to them to piece the evidence together. Students learn about DNA, blood, and hair to name a few!


A Small Family Environment!

  • All MESA students have an advisory, which serves as a small family unit in the school. MESA teachers are in constant contact with parents, especially to tell them the great things that kids are doing. We catch each other being great!


A Day That Makes Sense For High Schoolers!

  • MESA’s daily schedule looks more like a workday. We start at 9:00am and end at 4:28pm.


A More Professional Calendar!

  • MESA’s school year starts earlier than most, and has a shorter summer break. We have longer breaks during the year, as well as “Intersessions” in which students take enrichment activities or practice skills that need reinforcement.


We Have Our Eyes On The Prize!

  • While MESA students and teachers like to have fun, we also know that success only comes with hard work. At MESA, we show up and work hard every day, because we know there are no shortcuts to college.