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Effort Scores

All MESA students receive weekly grades for the effort that they put into their school work.  These grades, or E-Scores, are given to students by each of their teachers on a 0-4 point scale in the following categories: 


  • Homework - timely completion of work assignments outside the classroom
  • Punctuality - arrival to class before the late bell rings
  • Preparation - in possession of pens, pencils, notebooks and any/all other materials needed for class work
  • Contribution - participation and engagement in classroom activities and discussions


Each time that a student earns a threshold total E-score, he/she is entered into the E-Score Club for his/her respective grade.  Students who are in their grade's E-Score Club at least 5 times in a given trimester, are eligible for an end-of-trimester rewards field trip to an entertainment venue in NYC.  Students who are in their grade's E-Score Club at least 10 times over the course of the school year, are eligible for an end-of-year overnight rewards trip to destinations outside of NYC.