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Board of Trustees

Cortes, Angel, Chair: MESA Parent; Commercial Truck Driver, Airweld


Pierre, Jacques, Vice Chair: General Counsel, U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners


Mancini, Chet, Secretary: Engineering Manager, Carta


Patterson, Agatha, Treasurer: Senior Account Executive, Microsoft


Granados, Claudia: Founder & CEO, The Carnelian Group


Rubio, Raul: Community Coordinator, Department of Health and Hygiene


Ryan, Maureen: Chief Financial and Operating Officer, The Gateway School


Sexton, Melissa: Chief Risk Officer, BNY Mellon Wealth Management


Stewart, Jennifer: Managing Partner, JSTAR Holdings and Affiliates


Thompson, Malik: Senior Director, Business Operations, Understood


Ward Gaffney, Kym: Global VP Leadership Learning and Inclusion, Avenues: The World School


Yang, Arun: Senior Director Professional Services, Salesforce